The Discord Trilogy


Discordia - Golden Apple Novella

Discordia - The Discord Trilogy Novella  


For every character in a novel there are stories that couldn't and shouldn't be told in one manuscript. In the first book of The Discord Trilogy, we meet Milunfran witches, vampires in hiding from powerful governments, deposed Dacian vampires, and current rulers of the vampire world, the Noricum. Together these characters create a layered and complex world that leaves us wanting more. But, just because there are stories not told in the novel, doesn't mean they are buried and gone forever. Discordia is a collection of behind the scene stories that give us a second course at a banquet The Golden Apple of Discord started.

***Also, if you don't want to use an eReader, all short stories can be found by character name on our character's page for free.***