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Alexander is a telepathic vampire who falls for the only woman whose mind he cannot read. Sound familiar? Well, Twilight fans might be disappointed, but I was thrilled that this was about the only thing Lauren Hodge’s Discord series had in common with the Twilight series.

Abomination is a grown up paranormal adventure that features four half-blood witch sisters, the Severins, who have been turned into vampires. Along with their vampire spouses, the sisters use their potent and varied powers to fight the established vampire society, the Noricum, after a truce is broken. When the Noricum take something very dear from the Severin sisters, the war is truly on.

The story is told from Alexander’s point of view. After spying on the Noricum for hundreds of years, Alexander went rouge and fell in love with Taralie Severin, the eldest of the siblings. The love between the two vampires is sweet and pure, but it is severely tested throughout the book. Has Alexander waited so long for love only to have it snatched away from him in an instant?

I always try to avoid jumping into the middle of a series if possible, but I think author Lauren Hodge did a good job of getting readers up to speed in this second novel in her Discord series. The first two chapters were a whirlwind of backstory and catch up – half-blood witch vampires, whaaaat? – but I soon got into the swing of things. This isn’t a small feat on the part of the author, considering that she has created a magically complex world that includes a well-developed vampire and witch society.

Abomination is an enjoyable read. Each Severin sister is clearly painted. Their unique powers make for a combustible family dynamic and a murderously effective army. The story has many dark moments but nothing that a seasoned paranormal reader can’t handle (what’s a torn off finger or two?).

Overall, Abomination checks off most of the boxes on the paranormal reader’s wish list – witches, vampires, potent powers, an epic struggle, death and destiny. With that said, if I had one complaint about Abomination it would be that it’s a little too standard. Despite the explosive personalities involved (especially Cora, the youngest Severin sister) nothing about Abomination really blew me away.

With that said, I think paranormal fans will have a good time watching the Severin sisters struggle, fight, face tragedy and make their enemies pay. The book ends on a very effective hook, and I’m definitely tempted to pick up the next volume.


Congratulations to Paula Stewart of Saint Stephen, SC for winning the paperback giveaway of The Golden Apple of Discord and to Ava Chavez of Spokane, WA for winning the Kindle reader!

Stay tuned later this year for the Abomination blog tour...and possibly a signing at Barnes and Noble.

Compulsive Reads

Taralie and her three sisters are a powerful coven of half witches who spend their free time banishing evil. Their lives are turned upside down when Taralie is kidnapped. Unable to use her earth magic to fight her attackers, she is taken to a remote location and turned into a vampire. The transformation amps up her powers, making her a force to be reckoned with. When she escapes her captors she discovers that the leaders of the magic world want her dead and to revoke her sisters’ powers. On the run, the girls search for a place to hide and figure out their next move. Things aren’t going to get any easier for them as they discover they have been thrown into rebellion between two powerful vampire forces. The girls are going to need help if they want to survive this new world. Luckily for the sisters they meet three allies that are willing to take them under their wings and into their hearts.

The Golden Apple of Discord is a well written paranormal book that will quickly sweep the reader into this world that author Lauren Hodge has created. Each of the characters in the story is very well developed. I really liked that the sisters were all different people with their own distinct voices and personalities. The addition of Alex, Rueben and Thomas bumped up the energy of the story by opening the door to some romance and entertaining scenes (blue vampires are awesome).

While, overall I really enjoyed this book, the dialogue was a bit stiff in the beginning. It did, however, start to feel more natural as I got to the middle and the end. I would have also liked to have seen more attributes in the dialogue; there were a couple of times I had to go back a few lines to see who had started conversations so I could follow along better. If you are a Twilight hater, this book may not be for you. There are a few components that mimic the series (eating animals instead of people, dangerous vampire covens, special abilities), but I honestly think that is where the comparison ends.

I would happily encourage fans of paranormal, YA, and new adult fiction to check out this book. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to find free time to see what was going to happen to Taralie and her sisters. I hope the author writes fast, because I am eager to read the next book in the series.

My Cozie Corner

Lauren pens "The Golden Apple of Discord" in a plot filled with vampires, witches, and romance with a touch of humor. Her characters were strong and believable with good interaction and emotion  between them. I was impressed with how the author interwove fantasy with history. A truly interesting and captivating read that should be on all fantasy lovers TBR list.

I give "The Golden Apple of Discord" a 5 star rating.

Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

4 Stars


After a bit of a slow-ish start, this book really took off. It is the story of four powerful witches who get caught up against their will in a Vampire Civil War that’s been raging for centuries.  The eldest witch, Taralie, and leader of the coven, is captured and suffers a horrific ordeal before finally escaping.  Her escape, however, causes additional unforeseen problems that force Tara and her sisters into hiding. Fortuitously, they meet a powerful trio of vampires who are also trying to evade discovery by their warring brethren. This book was entertaining, and I enjoyed the conversations and the plot development.  I never really was able to make too much of a connection between the book title and the events depicted in the story, though mention is made of an “apple of discord” once.  The characters are exceptionally gifted, and the band of seven seemed to be scrupulous; using their powers to fight evil.  With so much inherent power it seemed odd to me that none of them ever seem to be tempted to recklessness. A few warts or character flaws could have added complexity to these characters and added some additional depth to the narrative.  I sometimes felt as if I were reading a superman story taking place in a world without Kryptonite.  This book flows smoothly, and I liked that the romance was generally understated. There are some humorous episodes, too, which I appreciated. At the end I went away feeling hopeful that this little outlaw coven may indeed be able to topple the corrupt leadership of the warring factions and bring about a lasting peace.  I am looking forward to further adventures.


This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review

Mommy Reads Too Much


I received a copy of the book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. When I initially saw the book based on the title alone I thought this was going to be something mythology based so I was excited to read it. After reading I found out that it was witches and vampires. Nope I didn’t get disappointed because I love to read about them also. I loved the detail oriented descriptions of each and every character. Sometimes it seemed like there were too many different characters and different names. But hey it worked this was a book to enjoy not for memorization. It was full of action and adventure from the beginning to the end. The flow of the story made it easy to follow the adventures of the three sisters. I would highly recommend this to readers of all ages. I look forward to reading more in this series and other books from this author.

Reviewing in Chaos

This was an interesting read.  I was pulled into the story of Taralie and her sisters- witches who had their powers thrust upon them suddenly, after growing up unaware.  Take a halfling witch, make her into a vampire and oh my the things that will happen!   While on the run from the Milunfran (witch police?!), they find refuge with 3 hot vampire guys, because naturally vampire guys are pretty much always hot, aren't they? There's a bit of romance while the two groups team up to fight the vampire governments.. Witch turned vampire brings new levels to the sisters' powers and it's neat to watch them learn how to use them!

  There is a lot going on, a lot of new characters thrown at you.  I got a little confused with the names and felt that at times it was a bit much at once.  I was left to wonder what happened to the Milunfran order that the sisters were running from because that part of the story just ceased to exist.  Although there were a few proofreading errors, I felt it was a pretty good book and I look forward to reading the next in the series to see where it takes us!

A Mama's Corner of the World

I stepped away from psychological thrillers for a bit to review a paranormal tale in The Golden Apple of Discord, book one of the trilogy by author Lauren Hodge.  How did I like this change of pace--and The Golden Apple of Discord?

The Golden Apple of Discord takes a different path into the world of witches and vampires.   As the characters learn about life and struggle to protect themselves in their new world--action, drama, and even love stories emerge from page to page. 

Would I recommend The Golden Apple of Discord?  Initially, I was little confused by the characters--but, after a while, I felt that the characters became well developed and clear--it just took a little time for me “get to know them”.    The Golden Apple of Discord is actually written in a simple fashion that helps ease in even new readers to the genre.  I didn't find myself confused by terms or unfamiliar details.  Instead, I found myself attached to characters--and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Tri-City Herald

In celebration of the release of her second book “Abomination,” Lauren Hodge, author of the hot new Discord Trilogy for teens, will be giving a talk at the Richland Public Library Tuesday, July 2, 7-8 PM. Refreshments and bottled water will be provided by the Friends of the Library. After Lauren’s talk, a raffle will be held for her titles and she will be available to sign books.

Richland Public Library
955 Northgate Dr
Richland, WA 99352

Read more here:

Faerie Tale Books

Fans of Yasmine Galenorn will love The Golden Apple of Discord. Four kick ass sisters, ancient wars, vampires, witches, and a whole lot more! The relationship between Taralie and her sisters is a very tight bond. They are not only sisters, but best friends as well. There magic connects them, and their blood unites them.

The Golden Apple of Discord is a fast paced Urban Fantasy that will have you yelling at the book, crying at the tender moments, and laughing at the sarcastic and snarky wit. Tara is a fierce heroine that will do anything to protect those that she loves, even forsake the life she has always known. When Tara meets Alex all of her perceptions about Vampires. The desire, the need, and the thirst that exists between them will either be her undoing or her beginning.

Journey into a world of supernatural creatures and have everything you thought you knew change…

The Crafty Cauldron

To be honest I had a hard time getting started in this book. There was a lot to take in quickly and follow. You are thrown into the lives of four sisters who are half blood witches. Very strong half blood witches because they each have an elemental power creating a perfect four corner. I am not sure how schooled you are in the Wiccan religion, but four corners is good, very good.  The girls didn’t know their mother very well, she died in childbirth with her last child except Tara, the eldest. The story focuses around her a lot. She’s very powerful, a mimic. Mimics can use any persons power if they are in grabbing distance.  Tara seems to me to be a magnet for danger. It makes her character very vivid. The girls all end up being turned into vampires. I know I jumped ahead a bit but you need to read the story to get the full grasp on that part. Once they are turned they stumble upon a coven of male vampires, one who is named Alex. I really like the give and take of Alex’s character and Tara’s. I hope it is more explored in the next book. This is not a story that you jump into right away. It takes time and you need to give it some, maybe even read it in bits and pieces. It’s a good plot but not what I call a beach read. If you are looking for a different twist on Vampires and witches and are into the lore, it’s a book for you.

Andis Book Reviews

This book was quite different than other paranormals I have read. In this one, a witch is targeted for reasons she doesn't know, and is unwittingly turned into a vampire. Her sisters are instructed to kill her. They have such a strong bond, though, that they refuse to do so, eventually becoming vampires themselves. They become sort of vigilantes of the night, feeding only on the scum of society. I couldn't help but think of Dexter with this part of the storyline.

Of course, this quickly draws attention to the girls and they find themselves on the run. A lot of time is devoted to them running in their Yukon as they battle their enemies. They enjoy a close-knit relationship with each other and feed off of each other. Tara is decidedly the leader of the group, but each girl offers her own strengths to balance the others. It also helps when they get to hook up with some tasty men.

This was a book that I had to read in bits and pieces, though others will be compelled to quickly read all the way through. There is all kinds of vampire and witch lore interwoven, some of which I had never heard of before reading this book. Fans of the two will find this combination to be intriguing. 

Literary Addicts

Tell us about your book(s) The Discord Trilogy is a paranormal suspense/romance about four hereditary sister witches who serve The Milunfra, the organization that governs elemental blood power witches all over the world. Although our sisters are only half bloods, they are elementally balanced - Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The fact halflings serve in the order is amazing, their capabilities make them legendary.

The eldest of the sisters is Taralie Severin. At twenty-nine years old, she's an earth witch and her blood power is that of a mimic. She can use any power as long as she can see its owner. Three years younger than her is Arianna, an air witch who can astral project. Seven years younger than Tara are the twins, Augusta and Coralia. Augusta is a water witch who can receive visions of the future while Coralia is a fire witch and telekinetic. Their mother died giving birth to the twins leaving their human father, Blake, to raise them as normal humans.

Inducted into the Milunfran order when the twins turned ninteen, they had to earn their reputation. But even with their amazing capabilities, half bloods are sneered at by the Milunfra. Genetic dead ends that won't yield another generation of witches with blood powers. This isolates them from the rest of the organization and makes it easy for the Twelve, (the governing body of the Milunfra) to issue an execution order for Tara when she's changed into a vampire.

Our sisters go on the run, hunted by both the vampires that changed Tara and the Milunfra. Although fugitives, they meet other vampires in hiding from the vamperic government, The Noricum.

Learning about the dangerous new world they live in, the sisters must learn to trust their new allies while at the same time, holding on to their hearts.

The second book in The Discord Trilogy, Abomination, comes out early July 2013

Where did the idea of your (latest) book come from? I had already written two all human books and was almost done with a third when the Discord bug bit me. I'd never done a paranormal book before and as a result, it doesn't sound like anything in its genre. The idea comes from wanting to address real world issues but using paranormal as a vehicle to explore it. The wonderful part about paranormal is you can have a small group of people be as powerful as a ruling government. How does a tyrannical government respond to that? What kind of moral restrictions are placed on those with so much power? Thing about paranormal is normally, that's the focus of the story. In The Discord Trilogy, the powers are a means to an end, not the end itself.


Who and what inspires you to write your books? I feel like I owe it to my characters to write them out.


Each author has his/her own fascinating journey. How did you begin writing? I started reading fiction after the Twilight movie came out. I normally didn't touch fiction. I preferred medical research, current events, sociology, and philosophy. I wanted to know what the driving emotion behind Twilight was that made it such a hit and in the process of that research, I stumbled on to Twilight FanFiction. After a few months of reading a huge variety of stories, I found I was addicted to fiction. I started wondering if I could write a FanFic. I wrote my first book and after I was done, I experienced character death. They were my friends and they died. I found I couldn't stop writing and here I am. 


What has been the most pleasant surprise about being a writer? How about the most unexpected downside? Pleasant surprise is I get to spend time with guy characters I'd actually want to date. Down side is marketing. It's the horrible mother in law you didn't know about when you married writing.


Do you have any particular writing routines or rituals? Reading what I've written in the chapter and then picking up from there. Also, research. Every single geographical location is a real place. Every single historical event is real and Greek mythology we use is accurate. Even the character's names are pulled from the historical events they're from. The Severin sister's home in Toronto, Canada is the Kane House. Alex's house in Chicago is one I found on Zillow. The Noricum's castle in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France is the Castle Museum. I mean EVERY single setting is a real place.


I now know more about the migratory paths of Europe than I ever wanted to.


Do you write in order? I start with a paragraph outline. Basically, it's the points I want to flush out in that chapter. Rule is to have at least 15 chapters outlined before I start actually writing. Chapter outlines are meant to be deleted and redone. It's why I don't finish the chapter outline before I start writing. It lets the characters dictate the story, not me.


What is on your playlist when you write? I don't listen to music when I write, but I do whenever I'm not writing. I actually make a playlist like a soundtrack for the book. I listen to that whenever I'm not writing. Two Steps From Hell and Battlestar Galactica Soundtrack all have ridiculous amounts of listens on my iTunes.


Favorite writing snack? Rockstars and Cheetoes.


Where do you like to write? Hunched over on my bed, sitting cross-legged with poor typing posture and some sort of energy drink.


Do you have any advice for authors wanting to publish? Don't write because you want to be listened to. Write because you have a story inside in your head and it's using your fingers to get out. Take your ego out of it because if you don't, marketing will destroy you.


Are you currently working on anything else? The third book in the trilogy, Rubicon, is getting edited. I'm also a contributer for ViralReads and I write for the Discordia Book Blog.


Who is your favorite character and why? Everyone likes Cora. She says what everyone is thinking and does what everyone wishes they could. Even with that, I like Tara the best. Of course I do, that's why she's the protagonist. Although I will say, I'm having the best time writing short stories from the trilogy in other character's point of view and publishing them exclusively on The Discord Trilogy website. I've got one from the Noricum North American Prefect's point of view about him hunting the sisters. Right now I'm working on a short from Aggie's point of view when Tara is kidnapped. We get to see dimensions of the Milunfran and Noricum sociological and governmental structures we don't get in the Discord.


Favorite book of all time? C.S. Lewis - Screwtape Letters


Breakfast says a lot about a person. What is your perfect breakfast? My perfect breakfast is rolling over, picking up my laptop, turning it on, and being surprised to find I didn't eat all the Jelly Bellies off my bedside table the night before. Behold...breakfast.


Please tell us in one sentence why we should read your book

The Golden Apple of Discord has real sister relationships that are quite honestly, really funny, romance that isn't shallow or contrived, and an epic struggle between an aristocracy and those who seek to protect the innocent.

Identity Discovery

Review: A story that is completely different from the other stories out there. It's about a coven of witches turned into wanted vampires. The four women are part of a witch heritage that they were completely unaware of until they were forced to seek refuge with their father. Their mother died during childbirth of the youngest two. She was the witch and after her passing, their father had no way to teach them how to be witches. He didn't worry about it too much due to their powers being blocked. As they went off to college, the Milunfra revealed to them that they had powers that could be used to vanquish evil. This path led them to their ultimate destiny, to become vampires which they had no clue even existed.

It was a very interesting story. It is book one in a trilogy and I am very curious about what will happen to the girls next. Tara, the oldest sister and technical leader of the coven, has powers beyond anyone's imagination and she isn't even using all of them. I want to know what happens when the dam is broken and she has access to everything in her arsenal. I should say that there are some vampire love interests that I felt happened a little too fast for some of the girls, but the author did explain that things tend to happen fast for vampires. I was very pleased with how things happened with Tara and her beau. It's well worth reading.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4

Niki's Book Corner

My Review:

Taralie and her 3 sisters are a strong coven, they been blessed with all 4 elements, they banish magical creatures next to their own jobs and have a good life, so they think.

Till one day Tara is kidnapped and she can't place what they are, till one bites her and force herself to drink his blood. Her three sisters are forced into killing her by the twelve of the Milunfran order.

Not willing to do that they run and all decide that Tara needs to turn them too.  They however never trained by any vampire without knowing against all vampire laws, soon they are in the middle of fights with two vampire coven.

Then they meet three vampires that have been hiding for the rest and they make a pact. The sisters move in with them and the men teach them how to feed on animals and not to leave a body trail.

It is clear to them soon that the other coven won't leave them alone they have to do something to safe their father and them self, Tara totally falls for Alex but thinking her sister is with him she ignores the feelings and tries to move on. Will they succeed to fight for their freedom and will love find its way??? You will have to read that for yourself, trust me it is worth it every single chapter.

I loved this book and can't wait to read m ore of this writer!

Manic Mama of 2

I have to admit that paranormal is usually my thing. I love all witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires. You name it! I like that all the characters had their own personalities, but sometimes there were just too many that I would get them confused and the names would be spelled a couple different ways. The storyline was excellent, however, and so if you could get passed what I would say to be a proofreading glitch for the publisher, than I say that you will really enjoy the story.

I have seen in other reviews that readers have said that it has similarities to other stories out there, but don’t a lot of romance and paranormal tend to do that? Overall, I enjoyed it even though it was a little hard for me to get into at first. It was a read that was enjoyable and different. I liked the mix of the witches in with the vampires. Normally, you don’t see that too much in paranormal books.


In the beginning, Taralie gets kidnapped by a bunch of vampires who in some way treat her like a queen. The vampires want something that she has and yes they end up turning her into a vampire. This is nothing but trouble when she escapes to go back to her sisters because now that she is a vampire people want her dead. There are a lot of twists and turns in this story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am not going to ruin things for you because that is one of the biggest joys of reading.


There are guys involved….and hot guys plus being vampires……equals amazing. Enough juice? Pick up your copy and enjoy it yourself!


I can not wait for the next book called Abomination to come out. Even though the end of this book did not leave very many questions to be asked I would still love to follow the characters on their journey more!!!!

Barefoot Rather than Bookless

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Abomination by Lauren Hodge!
Release early July!
Taralie Severin and her sisters have secured a non-aggression pact with the rulers of the vampire world, the Noricum. Having relocated to Cannon Beach, Oregon, Alexander prepares to marry his beloved Tara. But when an encounter with average vampires goes wrong, the Severin coven’s fragile amnesty with the Noricum is destroyed. With the supremacy of their rule challenged, the Noricum set out to restore the balance of power, leaving the Severin family two choices – die on their feet, or live on their knees.


He shoots me a nasty glare but that’s all I’m letting him do. His thoughts are pushed so far back into my mind he’d have to light himself on fire before I’d listen now. We’re all quiet for a few minutes before Blake bursts out laughing. “Let us never speak of this again.”

Tri-City Herald

Lauren Hodge of Richland will sign copies of her new book Golden Apple of Discord from 4 to 7 p.m. June 8 at Hastings, 1425 George Washington Way, Richland.

The self-published book is about Taralie Severin and her three sisters, who are modern-day witches who banish mythical creatures between shifts at the police station.

Then Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, and her sisters are ordered to execute her by a higher council. But the sisters refuse and end up as fugitives from their kind and vampires alike.

A video trailer of the book will premiere at the book signing June 8 at

Read more here:

Tri-City Herald




Book signing and trailer premier at Hastings on GW Way Saturday June 8th for The Golden Apple of Discord, Book I in The Discord Trilogy by Lauren Hodge. From 4-7pm, enter raffle for chance to win massages, free books, and Hastings gift cards. Rocky Mountain candy apples raffled off every half hour.

ead more here:

Fantasy Ink

Interview and Giveaway with Lauren Hodge, Author of The Golden Apple of Discord

Please give a round of applause to Lauren Hodge, author of The Golden Apple of Discord, the first book in The Discord Trilogy.

1.  Tell us 5 interesting facts about you?
Five interesting facts. I am a chemist, I love to drive fast, I abuse energy drinks, I always have a weapon of some sorts on me (either a knife or a gun), and I play piano and cello.

2. Describe your book in one sentence?
How fun sister relationships with hot guys involved work when crap gets real and you have to go to war.

3. What inspired you to write The Discord Trilogy
I had completed two other human romance thrillers before I started on Discord and wondered if I had the chops to blend the challenge of paranormal operating parameters with human type drama and make it believable. There are lots of ideals and personalities in Discord that are fun to spend time with. I wanted to play with those and see how it came out.

4. I believe The Golden Apple of Discord is a reference to the Greek myth. What are the similarities between the mythology and the book?

In the Greek myth, the golden apple was an object that once thrown into the feast, proved to destroy it. In Discord, our main character was created by one side of a civil war for the purpose of destroying the other side. In the second book of The Discord Trilogy, Abomination, we learn exactly what our golden apple is supposed to destroy.

5. Can you give us a short description of each of the sisters and tell us about their coven? 
Although only half witches, the egoless way the sisters work together as a family makes for a well balanced and powerful coven. Taralie is the eldest and the leader. She is an earth witch with a mimicry type power and the only one who remembers their mother. Ann is an air witch who can do a type of astral projection but is the most tender of the four. She was only three when her mother died and Tara filled that gap. Whereas the death of Teegan made Tara grow up before her time, Ann was just three years old and the untimely departure of the mother made her more timid than hard. Aggie and Cora are the twins the mother died giving birth to but being that they have never lost a loved one, they fear less and fight more in their own ways. Cora is a telekinetic fire witch with a temperament to match where Aggie is a prescient water witch knowing slow and steady wins the race.

6.  How do you come up with your characters’ names? 
The names for the sisters are derived from Gaelic and are related to which element they are a witch for. All the vampire names are period and geographical specific from when and where they were turned.   

7. What is your favourite quote from the book?
 There are so many that’s a hard question to answer. For a funny quote, there is one from Cora when the sisters are negotiating with the Noricum and the sadistic memory eraser wishes dearly for Cora’s torture and death. Verus says, “Ah, Coralia. How I would pay dearly to see you entombed in eternal thirst.” Where Cora replies, “Funny that, I’d kill you for free.” For a sentimental quote, it has to be the poem Alex writes on parchment detailing how those who shy away from fighting evil regard those who don’t.

8. What was the most enjoyable part of making the book? 
I think my favorite part is thinking out how the romance develops. I love to see what the nuts and bolts of a relationship come to pass. When you fall in love, what do you physically do together so that the relationship is built on more than looking to each others eyes as the world revolves around us. I also like to think about the tactics needed when an inferior force takes on a superior army.

9. What do you believe is the most important element in a book? 
Being realistic. Setting up the rules of your world and sticking to them. I dislike it immensely when half way through a book, you need something big and unbelievable to propel the story forward. My kids know this phrase as, “Aaaand this story has officially lost its crap.”

10. Random Question: Who is your favorite superhero and why? 
Superhero, that’s a difficult question. I don’t have a favorite hero as much as a mentality. A superhero to me is someone who is willing to do that which is necessary. Evil doesn’t die on its own…it must be hunted. Sometimes that means being uncomfortable and still being willing and able to separate a person who wants to do harm from their ability to do so.

If there's anything else you would like to add please feel free!
What do I hope people will take away from Discord? Of course I want people to love the characters but I also want them to see them for their flaws and feel the overcoming of them. Even though I didn’t go all cliffie whore on book one, I want the reader to look forward to Abomination, and later book three and at the end of book three, feel like they want these characters to be real they love them that much.

Lauren Hodge has generously offered an eBook of The Golden Apple of Discord to one lucky winner! The giveaway is International and will end on September 20, 2012.

Rather Barefoot Than Bookless

Monday, May 21, 2012

Book review: The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodge

Title: The Golden Apple of Discord
Author: Lauren Hodge
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
Series: The Discord Triology
Format: E-book
Purchase: Amazon

My Rating: 4 - Wonderful

About the Book:

Taralie Severin and her three sisters are a powerful coven of modern-day witches who fight evil between bio classes and shifts at the police station. But when Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, her sisters are ordered by the Milunfra to kill her. The girls refuse and go on the lam with bad vampires and master warlocks hot on their trail. Tara has no choice but to change her sisters into vampires. 

As the young women come to terms with their new circumstances, they encounter the rarest of allies: a band of hot boy-vamps. The guys teach them that everything is not as it seems, their enemies are worse than they'd expected, and they could be on the verge of ending a thousand-year-old civil war.

My Thoughts:

This book was awesome and I had a great time reading it. It was a great mix between witches and vampires that really put some funk into the story. In the beginning I felt myself thinking of The Charmed sisters since some of the  sisters powers where alike. But I really enjoyed it anyway so it  was not a bad thing.

In the beginning of the story Taralie gets kidnapped by a bunch of vampires who seems insane and treets her like their queen or something. This is only because she has something they want. They turn her into a vampire and of course this is a really turmoil event for her. She escaped and went home to her sisters. From there it all began. Everyone suddenly wants Taralie either dead or to join their coven. It sums up to Taralie turning her 3 younger sisters into vampires just so that they don´t get killed in the crossfire.

Now they all have to come to terms with their new lives and what being a vampire is all about. Then they cross paths with 3 hottie vampires. Love love love!
The rest is for you to read so i´m not gonna spoil anything for you.

I love the way Lauren makes the charachters so stong! Both the sisters and the vamp guys.
It gets kind of heated between them since they are all so stong and willful. Especially between Taralie and Alex because they are both "leaders".

I can´t wait until Abomination comes out. The book didn´t really have a cliffhanger in the end but it made me want to continue anyway =)


Rather Barefoot Than Bookless

Today is day four of our celebration week!
We have the pleasure to introduce Lauren Hodge who is the author of " The Golden Apple of Discord". I am currently reading this book and I do not want to put it down. I recommend you to enter our Giveaway of this book cause it is soo good! Below you also find a guestpost from Lauren so you can get to know her a little better.


What made me write this book?
I had written two human romance books for fun and thought I’d try my hand at a paranormal romance. It’s different because you have to set up the rules of your cannon and then operate within them. I looked at it as another challenge but a fun one. Originally I wrote Discord as one big book which clocked in around 210,000 words. After a little research I found that anything over 100,000 words was considered too long for an unknown author. I had to split it but there wasn’t a good place to split it in the middle so I committed trilogy. Then as I went through the rewrite I noticed there were way more things I could do with this story that I had wanted to do the first time around but hadn’t quite figured out how to yet. Discord is about 97K, Abomination (Book two) will be a little over 100K and the third book will be around 100K as well.
Another reason I wanted to write Discord is because I wanted to put strong female and male characters together and see what show they put on inside my head. I also wanted strong, male characters that weren’t emasculated in the presence of strong women…because those are hot. Honestly I’ve been on too many dates with wussy men so I created some strong (yet not man-child) men to spend time with.
Discord is my playground and one of the things I like is the logic of planning assaults. We get to see how these characters use the assets available to them and how they go up against other powerful vampires. While we have this in Discord, we get way more of it in Abomination and even more in the third book.

Why did I become an author?
Honestly, it’s because of my identical twin sister. I was just writing for fun. There is nothing else to do in Tri-Cities, Washington besides get drunk or pregnant so I wrote to amuse myself. Shelby liked Discord so much she said she’s shop it around if I would polish it up. I figured at the very least I’d get to spend more time with the characters inside my head I loved so much, so I did it. What actually ended up happening was that Shelby (twin) became kind of a preliminary editor and I went the self-publish route. I didn’t want to wait for the agent-publisher-bookstore lottery so I got a professional editor (which I worship the ground she walks on) and a cool photographer (another sister of mine) and came up with a way to get Discord into eBook format.
I love self-publishing but understand why people are wary of it. A writer could go through the whole process and put a book on Amazon without never having another person see it. This is NOT what happened with Discord. We put it though half a dozen test readers, five drafts and two editors ( one of which is at I have yet to get a bad review from any of those people but the free-market will be my judge. That’s what I love about self-publishing. It lets the free market decide, not getting the blessing of a publishing house first and them letting the market have what it decides is good.

What am I looking forward to with the release of Discord?
I personally can’t wait to see what people that don’t know me think of the book. Is it as good as I think it is? My opinion is almost meaningless. It’s like a mother saying her child is cute. No mother is going to stand up and say “My kid is the ugly one” so we can’t believe anyone who touts the merit of their own child. I want to see what people who don’t relate to me as a person think. I want them to pick apart these characters and see if what they do makes sense.

Will I continue to write when the Discord Trilogy is done?
I can’t imagine my life without writing. Every time I come up with a story, it screams to be heard. I don’t write because I’m a good writer, I write because the characters play inside my head until I let them be heard in Word 2010. Discord is not my story but rather a story inside a brain using my fingers to type out.
What’s in store with Abomination?
I will tell you one thing…it’s in Alex’s point of view. The Discord Trilogy is like Lord of The Rings in the way it progresses. The scope of the Discord Trilogy world increases dramatically in Abomination and even further in Book Three. Make no mistake, Discord stands on its own as a good book. You’re not going to get to the end of and think it was just a trailer for Abomination. We have hot guys that don’t disappoint in the masculine department. We also get really cool chicks that know how to laugh. In Abomination, crap gets real but it’s amazing how much further we get to watch these characters go.


Lauren is giving away one e-book copy of The Golden Apple of Discord so one lucky reader! Enter here!

Rather Barefoot Than Bookless

Rather Barefoot Than Bookless features The Golden Apple if Discord in their Tuesday Teaser. Click on the link to play along...

Grab your current read
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Share two "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!

Sandra chose, "Another blast of cold sears through my body. I crawl towards the doors at the back of the van, praying for a distraction, but before I get there the one who carried me pulls me into his arms and cradles me like a child."
Check back next week for the author spotlight and review of Discord!